Tips for Treating Gingivitis At Home

According a study by American Dental Association, about 1 in every 5 adults aging between 18 and 34 has unhealthy mouth. And the people in same number say that their quality of life is not quite good due to poor dental health.  Now, it is worth mentioning that caring for dental health is important for both the young and older adults. However, younger adults often find it difficult to go for the professional dental cleaning. In this scenario, it gets important to get help from the home remedies.

Gum disease and poor dental health in young adults

A recent survey by ADA suggests that 97% of the young adults think that maintaining oral health is very important. And 80% of those adults plan on seeing the dentist the next year. However, only 30% of them actually make to the dentist.

In this scenario, it is worth describing a stat here.

  • 35% of the young adults have difficulty in chewing or biting.
  • 35% feel embarrassment about the appearance of their teeth.
  • 33% want to avoid smile among the group people they interact with.
  • 22% tend to avoid social interaction.

Reversing gingivitis at home

The biggest problem for the young adults is that they do not have many financial resources to fulfill even their medical requirements after they step into the life of independence. And as you may already know, dental care is one of the most expensive areas of medicine. In this scenario, frequent dental visits are not a possibility for most of the young adults. However, proper dental care at home can help them stay away from the dental problems and even in the reversal of dental problems in initial stages, i.e. gingivitis.

The best remedy is to stick with an ideal dental hygiene routine. Make sure that you brush and floss your teeth on daily basis. You need to learn about the right way to brush your teeth and you have to make sure that you are neither over-brushing nor leaving the teeth with dental plaque still there on the teeth.

Flossing is a bit difficult than brushing but once you get used to this practice, you will not find it difficult at all. Flossing is important because it can clean interdental spaces and the areas around the gum line. And if you really find it difficult and/or time consuming to floss your teeth, you can use water flossing device which shoots a stream of water with a pressure which is enough to dislodge plaque from the teeth. Regular use of this device can ensure proper cleaning of your teeth in the same way that with flossing.

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